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How Can A Skinny Man Wear A Tuxedo

If you’re tall and thin, it can be a challenge to make a tuxedo fit you correctly and not appear shabby or unkempt. Here’s some basic rules that will make your tuxedo enhance your frame and highlight the good things about your appearance.
Anymore it seems as though styles and trends can change seasonally. And, if you try to keep up with these trends, you will end up spending a great deal of money on tuxedo’s. This is especially true, considering that taller ones have such a difficult time finding a tux that fits correctly. Thus you would have to have your tuxedo tailor made to fit you. Which, in turn, would mean more cost to you.
The most important thing is comfort and confidence: if your suit doesn’t fit correctly (as is usually the case off the peg), it won’t feel right and you’ll feel nervous and ill at ease.
Heavier fabric, such as wool, looks great on thinner men because it adds bulk all around. Heavy men avoid them for good reason, but these kinds of fabrics in a tuxedo made to order will keep your frame from looking too delicate.
As we all know black has a slimming effect. This trick is much used by women. Strangely. It follows that a tall slim man should avoid black and even very dark suits. It would be better to choose a much lighter tone which will give the impression of adding weight to the wearer.
Vertical stripes also slim your frame, so avoid pinstripe tuxedos. Other patterns, such as checked, look fine on a thinner man, but pinstripes are unflattering.
A tuxedo that fits you well is so very important. That is why I previously stressed the importance of having it made to fit. If you get your tux off the rack and it is too loose, it will end up making you look thinner. If said tuxedo is too tight fitting, it will have the same effect.
Finally, never add shoulder pads to a tuxedo jacket. It’ll only highlight the contrast between the padded shoulders and the rest of your frame, making you look even skinnier than you really are.

Being Durable & Versatile Makes Metal Garment Racks The Rack Of Choice

When remodeling or opening a retail clothing shop, you will need to decide which kind of garment racks to use. Which fixtures are best for your store – plastic, metal, wood, or acrylic? As a matter of fact, metal garment racks have a lot of good things that make them one of the most appropriate choices to hang up clothing and accessories in your retail business. It is easy to find metal garment racks to match the style of the store and the clothes you are selling, since they come in many different styles and sizes.

Metal racks work well because they last a long time. These racks don’t need replacing or refinishing every few years like other rack and are sturdy and do not bend or warp when holding heavier items. You can easily rearrange the merchandise in your store by using metal garment racks that can be moved into any configuration without the fear of them coming apart. This is especially helpful since changing things around in your store keeps the merchandise looking fresh and attractive.

Metal garment racks also have the advantage of being very versatile. Rounders, half-rounds, rectangular, and many tubular racks like spiral or squared are included in their styles. There are lots of choices, so it is simple to get the right kind of metal garment rack for the clothing you wish to display. You should look for a type that will give your garments good exposure and catch your customer’s attention. Frequently, more recent items are displayed on tubular racks with the item in front being accessorized. Items on sale are put on rounders. In this way, customers are able to look through them easily to find the best bargains.

Photography and canvas prints from photos

We are a nation of photo lovers and we love to display our photos around our homes and in the work place. Many of us take lots of photos and simply put them away or we store them on memory sticks for never to be seen again, but wouldn’t it be great if you used the medium of canvas printing to blow up those wonderful photos of yours and have them hung in your home on display for people to see. Now that would be amazing.

Photography has been around for as long as I can remember and so have canvas prints to. Now that we have the technology to be able to gel both those arts together we can create a masterful work of art for our homes. What I really love about photography itself it the fact that you can trick the naked eye with different types of images. Take for example distorting reality. We have all see those cool photos you get were one person in the foreground will hold up there hand and then another person in the background in the distance will line up perfectly so it looks like the person in the foreground is holding them in their hand. There lots of different way to create optical illusions and that one of the great ideas that can be used to print on a canvas print.

So yes you can great lots of great wonderful canvas photo prints with your photos. You can use artwork or designs of some sort and of course the more favorite and popular choice would be to have your own personal photos printed to canvas, photos of the family at a brilliant photo shoot you once had or even simply just great photos from a memorable day out you had with the wife and kids. Whatever the occasion you can be sure that a canvas print can really brighten up your home in many ways and will always be a talking point if you have visitors come to visit your home.

The Secrets Of A Chanel 2.55 Handbag

Recently I was fortunate to visit the exhibition The Secrets of the Chanel Handbag held at Chanels New York flagship store on 57th St it was only on for a limited run from May 8-16 (I am hoping that the exhibition will travel and visit us in London! The exhibit demonstrated the construction and history of the companys iconic 2.55 bags. The exhibition had 7 flat screen TVs, each screen showed the 7 steps in making the handbag, (cut, quilting, assembly, shaping, turning out, chain and leather, packing) it was all fascinating and mesmerizing! Basically the cutting and stitching is all done by specially designed machine tools and 80% of the total production time is spent on the prep work involving over 180 stages. Once all the components are prepped up all the pieces are then put together by hand by Chanels own master craftsmen which involve over 10 hours skilled work. The bags are sewn together inside out and then it was passed onto the next person who specialized in delicately turning them back out – in keeping with Mademoiselle Chanels firm belief in the importance of hidden luxury: the inside should be as good as the outside. As a result, the same amount of care still goes into the lining of each bag as goes into its exterior. Once the bag is put together they then screw in all the hardware and grommets etc. The chain was made last and when the bag was finished it was dusted and polished before beautifully wrapping it in tissue paper and dust bag.

The CHANEL classic handbag was the first to be worn and not hand held since the role of women was changing the traditional handbags at the time were too impractical. As a result the shoulder strap made its debut in the world of fashion.

I didnt see other archive bags through I think that would have been really cool to have seen the very first CHANEL 2.55! Or maybe it would look how it is today or how much would it have been worth???

Cool Breathable Scrubs

The entire country is surely going to be a heated pot this summer. The outdoors will be the playground of the scorching sun; even the indoors will take the brunt, especially if theyre poorly ventilated. You can cool yourself by dipping into the water more frequently, or keeping cold treats at bay. Wearing the right summer outfit will also help a lot in keeping yourself as cool as possible. Regardless of whether youre going to the beach, simply strolling, or doing your job in the hospital, wear the right clothing.

For healthcare workers who need to be in their scrubs uniforms, choosing the ideal items dont have to be very challenging. Most of the basic things that you know in choosing summer outfits, regarding color, cut, and fitting, will apply. For instance, it is important to wear lighter shades of colors as dark ones, like the black scrub pants and tops, absorb heat better than light colors, thus heating the clothing and the wearer instead of cooling. The cut should also tell how good they are in dissipating heat. If they are a little lose, air will more easily come through to keep the skin cool. Tighter scrubs uniforms, on the other hand makes the wearer less comfortable, with the fabric rubbing directly against the skin and allowing no air to come between the fabric and skin. If wearing medical lab coats is necessary, wear short lab coats with short sleeves instead of long sleeved full length laboratory coats. Choose those with closures that are easy to open, so that you wont have to deal with additional hassle when it gets too hot.

Choosing the scrubs uniforms with the right material or fabric is also very important. Todays marketplaces offers nursing scrubs and medical lab coats that are made of polyester, poplin, rayon, spandex, twill, cotton, and or a combination of any two or three fabrics in order to achieve the texture, protection and comfort set. From among those materials, the most ideal to use in scrubs and uniforms to use during summer is the 100% cotton. Its soft and breathable properties have long been proved to provide unmatched comfort quality. And as for durability, its one of the best.

Sunglasses and Eyeglasses for Summer

August is a lazy month of sun and fun and with all the hours that people tend to spend outside this month, they should know how to best protect their eyes against the suns harmful rays. Here are a few tips and facts for protecting your eyes!

Its been a hot summer so far and as we step into August, there is no sign of dropping temperatures. As always when thinking of summer, we think of the sun. In order to be best prepared for outdoor excursions, we need to remember that the sun has its vices and we need to protect ourselves and our eyes against its harmful rays.

Protecting our eyes against the sun is not something new. Back in prehistoric times, the Inuits wore flattened walrus ivory type “glasses” to block the suns rays, but the first documented lens that protected against the suns glare were discovered in China in the 12th century. But fast forward to the mid-18th century when James Ayscough actually tinted lenses for the first time; only to be produced on a big scale in 1929 by Sam Foster who brought mass-produced sunglasses to the beaches of America.

Designer Handbag Rant

When you see a designer handbag, do you only like it because of the designer name? If you saw it on another women’s shoulder without the designer logo visible would you still like it? For a lot of people (even though they won’t admit it) the answer is no! The majority of people interested designer handbags these days do not know much about the bags themselves, all they know is a designer logo or name. If these people were to see a Fendi Handbag right in front of them they wouldn’t know it was a Fendi unless they could see the logo, therefore they would not like the bag as much. Its extremely frustrating for women who own authentic designer handbags to get comments like oh I love your Prada Handbag but in reality if the women making that comment didn’t see the logo on her bag she wouldn’t look twice at it. A lot of handbag lovers these days don’t like the bag itself, they just like the logo, and just because these people recognize a couple logos doesn’t make them handbag enthusiasts.

Fendi Mama Handbag in Beige/Brown

This is a highly needed classic Fendi Handbag, this beige/brown Fendi Mama handbag 8BR001 is made of the finest beige jacquard fabric with the classic brown FF Zucchino print. An adjustable leather strap, Fendi silver hardware, and convenient magnetic button closure for the flap, makes this the classic Fendi handbag your dying for. Comes with an authenticity card and dust cover, handmade in Italy it’s hard to pass up a deal on this bag.

Garment purchase leads have become ach significant allowing an individual

Garment purchase leads have become ach significant allowing an individual going to be the sharp bang with your garment manufacturing and advertising and marketing industry. There has been an all in one quick transition in your number concerning in order for you all of these are also available with your line of business these as t shirts tops, sweaters,bridesmiad gowns knit wears,jeans ladies wear,bridesmiad gowns tank tops, vests and more This has in-line to learn more about the increase as part of your demand to do with garment grab leads. More and much more people are looking for garment business leads.

One can avail garment get leads upon both the the available on the internet and traditional way depending on how long upon going to be the some time your family make investments to explore the research all around the element Technically speaking,online research and browsing has definitely become an regarding by far the most advanced methods for you to that is used as well as the search.

To start allowing an individual,the search about selling leads on such basis as going to be the if you want can be done all over the a lot of unique owners some of these as apparels, fabrics,fibres yarns and machinery. It shall also include machinery and handloom. There are different kinds about require all of which are available in every category. Some to do with going to be the several if you desire exactly who can be to use are fashion appliances,another one all fabrics feedstock,color and chemicals, equipments and technical cloth With so a number of different options all over the hand,aspect is always very necessary for more information on make going to be the all the way your responsibility and and as such take the decision having to do with buying garment go and buy leads all over the accordance so that you have the demands to do with going to be the market.

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